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MOIWUS Srl may collect certain information through cookies, web beacons and other tracking devices. A cookie is a text file that is stored on your device’s hard drive, for example, when you visit a site, read an email or install a mobile application. A cookie identifies the device on which it is stored, during the period of validity of the consent, which may not exceed 13 months.

On our website we use operating cookies that facilitate your browsing by recording your language preferences, login IDs, shopping cart content or wish list.

Other cookies collect information about your behaviour on our site by analyzing URLs (where our visitors come from, what banners they clicked on, who directed them to our site), the pages visited, the times of visits. This allows us to improve our website and better understand the products and services you prefer, and to provide you with more personalized communications.

We also use anonymous statistical cookies to measure website activity and determine which areas of the site are most visited, to improve the visibility of our content.

We also include application from third-party tools, or example social networks such as Facebook, that allow the social network to track your browsing on our website, simply because your account on the relevant social network was active on your device (open session) while you were browsing our website.

We have no control over the processes used by these social networks to collect information about your browsing on our website. We suggest to consult their privacy policies to find out how they use the browsing information they collect. In particular, these privacy policies should inform you about how to manage your preferences on your social networking account.

Acceptance of cookies

Except in the case of operating and security cookies, the storage of a cookie in a terminal depends on the user’s choices, which the user can freely express and modify at any time.

You can set your browser to accept or reject cookies on your device, either globally or cookie by cookie. Changing your browser settings may impact your experience on the website, for example if our partners can no longer recognize the language of your browser or the country from which you are connecting. We cannot be held responsible for the consequences resulting from reduced access to our services as a result of cookies that you have previously deleted or rejected.

How to manage cookie settings in your browser

Each browser has its own cookie management system, if you want to explore the ways in which your browser stores cookies in your navigation, please follow these links on the websites of the respective suppliers:

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome


Safari su iPhone, iPad

Internet Explorer

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